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Professional Installation

Northern Virginia Generator performs every installation in professional manner complying with all codes, standards and regulations.

The Dangers of a Bad Installation

As part of the service Northern Virginia Generator does, we see many poor installations done by others. We've seen jobs done by everyone from Do-it-Yourselfers to Master Electricians and rarely do they meet the qualifications for a safe generator installation. On average, 8 out of 10 installations we've seen performed by others have not met proper installation standards.

It's important that only qualified technicians who are familiar and comply with all applicable codes, standards and regulations perform generator installation and preventative maintenance. A poor installation can VOID THE WARRANTY ON YOUR GENERATOR. Failure to take proper precautions and to closely follow safety rules can result in INJURY and even DEATH.

General Hazards

  • Despite the safe design of generators, operating imprudently, neglecting maintenance or being careless can cause possible injury or death.
  • The manufacturer recommends that generators be installed, serviced and repaired by an authorized dealer who is familiar with applicable codes, standards and regulations.
  • Installation, operation, servicing and repair of generators must always comply with applicable codes, standards, laws and regulations, including strictly adhering to local, state and national electrical and building codes.

Electrical Hazards

  • Generators produce dangerous electrical voltages that can cause fatal electric shock. Utility power delivers extremely high voltages to the transfer switch as well.
  • The National Electric Code (NEC) requires the frame and external electrically conductive parts of generators to be connected to an approved earth ground and/or grounding rods.

Fire Hazards

  • Generators may operate using one of several types of fuels. All fuel types are potentially FLAMMABLE and should be handled with care.

Explosion Hazards

  • Generators may operate using one of several types of fuels. All fuel types are potentially EXPLOSIVE and should be handled with care.

Location/Exhaust Hazards

  • Generator exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide gas which can be DEADLY. If breathed in sufficient concentrations, carbon monoxide can cause unconciousness or even death.

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