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What type of oil should I use?

Use only high quality detergent oil rated with American Petroleum Institute (API) Service Classification SG, SH or SJ. DO NOT USE special additives. Petroleum-based detergent oils help to keep the engine clean and prevent the formation of gum and varnish deposits. Synthetic oil may be used only after the recommend break-in period.

My owner's manual recommends running the generator weekly. Why is this necessary?

Performing a weekly "exercise" of the generator is necessary to promote engine and alternator longevity. Generac recommends that you start and operate the generator at least once every seven days. To exercise, start the generator, turn on a few appliances and let the generator run for at least 30 minutes. This lubricates internal parts and helps to eliminate any condensation that may have built up in the alternator.

Is my warranty transferable?

New RV generators purchased by the original owner will have a 3-year transferable limited warranty. This transferable limited warranty is in effect only if the original owner has properly submitted a product registration form to Generac. For subsequent owners, the 3-year limited warranty begins at the original date of purchase and requires submittal of an additional warranty registration form to Generac.

My generator starts hard. What could be the cause?

The most common problem associated with hard starting on a gasoline unit is stale fuel. Fuel stabilizers should be used to extend fuel life. On a liquid propane (LP) unit, the most common problem is insufficient LP at the generator regulator ? eleven inches of water column is needed.

I'm having problems with my RV generator. What should I do first?

Refer to the troubleshooting guide in your owner's manual.

Is my generator capable of producing 240 Volts?

Yes. The PRIMEPACT Series generators can be reconfigured to 240 volts. Only a certified dealer should make this modification. Improper reconfiguration can damage the generator or on-board appliances.

Can my computer and other electronic equipment be used while operating my RV generator?

Yes. Generac offers models from 3.4 kW to 8.5 kW, which are compatible with all electronic devices, including computers.

What about emissions regulations? Do I need to "de-carbonize" the engine periodically?

No. Generac uses overhead valve, industrial-grade engines in its RV generators. They comply with all current emissions requirements. Unlike other generator engines, there is no need to overhaul the engine to remove carbon.

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