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Generac Pressure Washers

Whether you're power washing the driveway or prepping for a painting job, you need the right tool. Enter Generac pressure washers. Our customer research led us to engineer our pressure washers from the ground up, to meet your specific demands.

For example, every Generac pressure washer has an easily accessible pump well above the ground, so you don't have to kneel down to make hose connections. And they all boast a Generac OHV horizontal-shaft engine – the largest available for these pressure ratings — giving you plenty of power. Each engine also comes standard with low-oil shutdown — a feature that is not available on many competitive engines — to protect and prolong the life of the engine. Both pump and engine are perfectly balanced above the axle for almost effortless maneuverability, regardless of the terrain.

Additionally, Generac completely customized the spray gun with ergonomics in mind. Longer than many spray guns on the market, it features a unique soft grip that reduces fatigue by minimizing vibration. The innovative inverted fulcrum spray trigger can be pulled and held with only a minimum of effort. And the Quick-Click nozzle tips are easy to replace without turning the pressure washer off. Additionally, on Generac's commercial-grade pressure washers, the spray gun also comes with an adjustable auxiliary handle for additional comfort and control when cleaning.

Residential Pressure Washers Residential Pressure Washers

Get cleaning power, reliability and – above all – ease of use in an affordable, compact pressure washer you can use to clean everything from patio furniture to driveways and decks.

Commercial Pressure Washers Commercial Pressure Washers

Durable, easy to use and built to last, these rugged pressure washers feature an industrial-grade triplex pump and a durable, welded steel frame that protects both the engine and pump.

Pressure Washer Sizing Guide

Generac pressure washers can be used to clean a whole host of items. Use this sizing guide to help you select the Generac pressure washer that best meets your power washing needs.

Pressure Washer Sizing Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Pressure Washers? Chances are you're not alone. Check our Pressure Washers Frequently Asked Questions page. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, you can always contact us via email on our Contact page or call us at (703)919-0067.

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